London Borough of Culture 2019 launch meeting

The choir were fantastic and made Mrs Aransiola feel very proud at the launch for London Borough of Culture 2019 assembly meeting.

Whilst we did not win the actual title the borough did not come away empty handed, they won £800,000 for a cultural project undertaken this year.

We have some very talented children who represented the diverse range of culture and creativity within our schools. Councillor Draper felt the song choices were very apt to the occasion, particularly "Something inside so strong" which he expressed should be the borough's theme song for persevering through adversity and barriers to come out strong on the other side.

Please click here to be taken to a gallery of images from the media personnel at the Polka Theatre which will be published on websites. 

Thank you to Mrs Aransiola, Mrs Schneider and Mr Dachtler for giving the choir this amazing opportunity.