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St Teresa’s Sports Funding 2015/16

PE is a very important part of the life at St. Teresa's Primary School.  We provide a variety of opportunities for the pupils so that they can work as an individual, in pairs or in group games and activities. All KS1 and KS2 Children receive 2 hours of timetabled PE each week.

Year 4 and Year 5 have timetabled swimming throughout the academic year held at Canons Leisure Centre with their qualified swimming instructors.

The school has recently been awarded the Active Mark Gold Award for outstanding PE and sport provision. This is the 4th consecutive year that the school has won this coveted award.


Children are encouraged to get fitter, appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and begin to understand how an active lifestyle affects their health and fitness.

We encourage and promote good sportsmanship, fairness and respect in our lessons, clubs and in competitions we compete in outside of school.

Our school offers a wide variety of free sports clubs throughout the year.  They are led by our coaches and are available for different age groups during school lunchtimes as well as after school.

Competition is a key part of P.E. at St. Teresa's and we always encourage the children to challenge themselves in every lesson, club or competition they take part in.

The school values the provision of PE and sport and employs a total of two part time PE coaches (0.5 FTE) and a part time PE assistant (0.5 FTE) from the delegated budget (outside of the sports grant), to ensure that PE and school sport are sustainable in the future.

Each school receives £8000 plus an extra £5 per pupil. In 2015/16 we received £9780.


In 2015/16 the Sports Funding was used as follows:


Strategic Aim

Specific Activity

What is the effect of the premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment?


How can we ensure improvements are sustainable?

·         Introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport


We introduced Boccia (an inclusive game) to PE Lessons. Staff had to attend CPD to learn the basics and develop the curriculum

All children found Boccia fun and enjoyable and inclusive. We witnessed increased participation from all pupils leading to greater progress in lessons.

Staff leading Boccia sessions learned about the benefits of inclusive sport. This was especially important as 2016 was an Olympic year.


Boccia is now embedded as part of the PE curriculum. The specific skills needed to play, as well as the transferability of these skills to other games ensure that it will remain a high priority.

Inclusive sports are important leading on from the Paralympic legacies following the 2016 Rio games.


Support and involve the least active children by running or extending school sports clubs, and holiday clubs


Co-ordination and Fitness Club

We invited particular pupils to attend this after school club to help them improve their balance and co-ordination and to keep them physically active. The children were introduced to activities which improved their ability as well as their confidence in trying more challenging activities as the sessions progressed.

We saw clear evidence in lessons that outcomes for these children improved as a direct result of the additional provision.

We found significant increases in the stamina of children who had attended the clubs.   This enabled them to participate more fully in the PE curriculum.

£3,584.29. Three coaches for one hour each term time.

The unique nature of the sessions led to rapid improvement. We aim to develop an adapted version of the this club for children in the Early Years in 2016/17.

·         Run sports competitions


Cheerleading competitions

We attend external cheerleading competitions twice a year with our Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 cheerleading Teams. Our PE coach Jeni Bennett runs these competitions for all local schools.

We have seen an increase in the number of cheerleading clubs run in neighbouring schools and attribute at least some of this success to the school’s reputation for leading in this area and running cheerleading competitions in the community.

Our coach Ms. Bennett is a fantastic role model for our own pupils and having represented Great Britain in cheerleading, has helped to increase participation in gymnastics, dance and associated activities

£3,283.85. Two coaches for three hours each term time.

Ms. Bennett is remaining with the school for 2016/17. The school have enrolled in several competitions for this academic year.

The school are developing a model to ensure that we are able to meet the demands of both experienced cheerleaders and those new to the sport, such is the popularity of this club.

·         Run sports activities with other schools


Subscription to Merton School Sports Partnership (MSSP)

We attended 36 Tournaments in 2014/2105, 30 at Cluster or Borough level 6 were representing the Borough at the London Youth Games in Indoor Athletics, Tag Rugby, Tri-Golf, Swimming, Kwik Cricket, Outdoor Athletics. This amounted to 234 KS2 pupils representing the school at inter competitions. The children learn so much from these competitions that do much to apply of core values of Love, Trust, Teamwork and Ambition beyond the school walls.

The school obtained their Gold Sports Mark again for this year for the fourth year running and attained Silver in The Sainsbury’s Schools Games. The Merton School sports partnership work closely with the school due to our status, using us as a venue to host a number of training opportunities for teachers across the Borough.

£1,296. Two coaches on three additional hours each for 15 tournaments.

The school have committed funds to the ongoing subscription of the MSSP for the next 4 years.

They school have entered a number of cluster and county events for the academic year 2016/17

The school have committed funding to a review of PE in conjunction with St Mary’s University and MSSP in 2016/17.

·         Provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively


Continued CPD and assessment

PE Staff regularly attended various CPD courses to continue their development and to extend their knowledge in a number of specific areas.

Last year we focussed specifically on the Early Years where training was required to improve PE provision to support the area of ‘Physical Development’ as well as ‘Personal, Social and Emotional Development’. PE staff attended training and then delivered the training themselves in school to the Early Years team. As a direct result of this training staff confidence, knowledge and skills improved leading to a greater number of children exceeding expectations in Physical development.


The school have a new Early Years team for 2016/17. This training will remain an important ongoing priority.

Outcomes for children exceeding expectations in Physical Development are a specific focus going forward.

Equipment and Storage facilities

New Gymnastics Equipment and storage.

In order to teach well planned and challenging lessons children need the proper equipment to be available and accessible. We instil in children that equipment is to be respected and to be put away properly so that others can use it safely in the future.

The improved storage has enabled us to give children clear expectations into how to take out and put away resources, allowing them to self-select appropriate resources for specific activities. This has led to improved outcomes for all pupils and greater organisational skills overall.


The school arrange a thorough examination of PE equipment each year and are committed to replacing equipment before it begins to wear out.

Additional opportunities.

·         The School also organised year 6 top up swimming lessons and subsidised the cost.


We invited our 15 Year 6 children who had not reached the government standard of being able to swim 25m along to top up swimming lessons. The children were able to take part in smaller more focused groups to ensure that they reached the minimum standard. The children became more and more confident as the weeks went by which increased their self-esteem and confidence.

We are proud to say that 98% of Year 6 children were able to swim 25m at the end of the academic year.


This is the final year that the school will have to provide additional swimming sessions due to the success of the regular swimming programme provided by the school as part of the year 4 and 5 curriculum.

This aspect of funding will either be discontinued or scaled down in 2016/17



Sports Funding for the Current Academic Year 2016/17 will be used for:



Specific Activity

Current Impact.

·         Introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport


Go Run for Fun – set up and implementation of Go Run for Fun where each class is timetabled an extra 15 minutes of running

The running initiative has increased active pupil participation and positive attitudes to health and well-being. It meets the basic needs of childhood giving increased freedom. It is fun, giving children more fresh air and it is sociable.

Early indications show that children have become more resilient in the amount of physical exercise that they can manage. Children collect cubes for each lap they run and this has become a strong motivating factor leading to them becoming more confident in their abilities overall.

Support and involve children by running or extending school sports clubs, and holiday clubs


After School Clubs. The school currently funds 12 varied and free after school clubs. These include Girls Football, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Cheerleading, gymnastics, Cycling.

We also have 2 independent companies who come in to coach and these are Chelsea Football and Futsal Elite.

We ensure we offer a broad range of sporting activities which are accessible to all pupils across a range of ages.

We have seen increased participation in all clubs on offer, many of which now have waiting lists. As a result of this extracurricular provisions, we believe that more children are active displaying a positive attitude to physical activity.

A number of children who started playing sport at school clubs have developed into club players in a number of sports in the community.

·         Run sports competitions


U11 Football League

We have entered an after school Under 11 football league where the children play matches against other local primary schools. This allows children to participate in extra physical activity outside of school hours and has seen increased pupil participation.

The children gain invaluable lessons in sportsmanship during these matches, learning to apply the school core values of Love, Trust, Teamwork and Ambition in a different context.

·         Run sports activities with other schools


Merton Schools Sports Partnership Annual Membership

The sports partnership provides outstanding support for schools and runs training and competitions throughout the year.


The extra PE provision in school allows us to enter many competitions. These are cluster events and if the school progress through to Borough level they could win the chance to represent Merton at the London Youth Games at the end of the year.


These competitions ensure increased participation by the children in competitive sports. We have already maintained our Gold Sports Mark again this Year and have secured a Gold in The Sainsbury’s Schools Games one better than last year’s Silver..


Training for young Sports Leaders



Leadership Training for Year 5 pupils

Year 5 children have been trained as ‘Sport’s Leaders’ allowing them to lead sporting activities to KS1 pupils at lunch time.

This has been effective in the older children taking responsibility, showing leadership skills and becoming a role model to the younger children. The young children are also benefitting from this through increased participation in sporting activities and working alongside children rather than always adults.


·         Provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively


Incorporating PE into other areas of the curriculum.

PE Staff are scheduled to attend Numeracy and Reading training to ensure that the PE is seen as a cross curricular subject rather than one which is isolated.

We hope that this will lead to children understanding the value of PE in other aspects of their learning. It will also develop the broader subject knowledge of PE staff, helping them to plan with a greater understanding of the context of the wider school curriculum and topics being taught.




Line Marker for Field


Mat Trolley


New line marker will enable us to play more inter and intra school sporting competitions on marked out turf. We can offer different sports throughout the year and will be more impactful with pitch markings.

A new Mat Trolley is needed to ensure all mats are stowed away safely and easily accessible.

Gymnastics vault is required to enhance movement in the Gymnastics curriculum.


Additional opportunities.

PE audit in conjunction with St Mary’s University, Twickenham and MSSP.

An external PE review has recently been completed (Nov. 22nd 2016). The audit offers us insight into some improvements to be made to ensure we continue to offer excellent PE provision.