London Borough of Culture 2019 assembly meeting (17 images)

We have some very talented children who represented the diverse range of culture and creativity within our schools. Coucillor Draper felt the song choices were very apt to the occassion, particularly "Something inside so strong" which he expressed should be the borough's theme song for persevering through adversity and barriers to come out strong on the other side.

WWII Day 2017 (3 images)

Y6 World War II Day

Yr 6 Kingdom of God (7 images)

Year 3 Roman Day (5 images)

Year 6 WW II Day March 15 (9 images)

The pupils and staff had a fantastic day learning all about life during WW II

Cheerleading Competition (4 images)

Our 1st Competition

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World War II Day (12 images)

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