St Teresa’s Sports Funding 2017/18

PE is a very important part of the life at St. Teresa's Primary School.  We provide a variety of opportunities for the pupils so that they can work as an individual, in pairs or in group games and activities. All KS1 and KS2 Children receive 2 hours of timetabled PE each week.

Year 4 and Year 5 have timetabled swimming throughout the academic year held at Canons Leisure Centre with their qualified swimming instructors.

The school has recently been awarded the Active Mark Gold Award for outstanding PE and sport provision. This is the 5th consecutive year that the school has won this coveted award.

Children are encouraged to get fitter, appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and begin to understand how an active lifestyle affects their health and fitness.

We encourage and promote good sportsmanship, fairness and respect in our lessons, clubs and in competitions we compete in outside of school.

Our school offers a wide variety of free sports clubs throughout the year.  They are led by our coaches and are available for different age groups during school lunchtimes as well as after school.

Competition is a key part of P.E. at St. Teresa's and we always encourage the children to challenge themselves in every lesson, club or competition they take part in.

The school values the provision of PE and sport and employs a total of three part-time PE coaches (0.5 FTE) from the delegated budget (outside of the sports grant), to ensure that PE and school sport are sustainable in the future.

This year we are to receive £19 000

Sports Funding for the Current Academic Year 2017/18 will be used for:





Specific Activity

Current Impact.








Support and involve children by running or extending school sports clubs, and holiday clubs




After School Clubs. The school currently funds 12 varied and free after school clubs. These include cheerleading, gymnastics, girls and boys football, hockey, tag rugby, cricket, tennis, cycling to name a few.

We also have 2 independent companies who come in to coach and these are Chelsea Football and Futsal Elite.

We ensure we offer a broad range of sporting activities which are accessible to all pupils across a range of ages.

We have seen increased participation in all clubs on offer, many of which now have waiting lists. We ensure we include pupil premium pupils. The impact of this extracurricular provisions, we believe that more children are active displaying a positive attitude to physical activity and this is also being evidenced in PE Lessons.

A number of children who started playing sport at school clubs have developed into club players in a number of sports in the local community i.e. – Unity All Stars, Mitcham CC, Wimbledon Tennis Academy, Old Ruts Rugby.

3 staff 12 hours per week x 39 weeks


New focus on Hockey in Curriculum 



Quick Start Hockey  and Hockey Tournament

We have focused this year in Hockey.  After having been visited by Crista Cullen The GB Gold Medallist form Rio and the charity that she is working with, quick Start Hockey, we have implemented a new hockey curriculum along with a Hockey After School Club.  The after schools Club was taught in partnership with an International player from Wimbledon Hockey Club. This has allowed all children to participate in hockey lessons and extra physical activity outside of school hours with the added bonus of having expert tuition.  Hockey has become very popular amongst both boys and girls and saw fantastic progress especially amongst the children attending the after school’s sessions.

All those involved in the ASC went along to a tournament held at Kingston Grammar School. The children gain invaluable lessons in sportsmanship during these matches, learning to apply the school core values of Love, Trust, Teamwork and Ambition in a different context.


Cost of new equipment


Run sports activities with other schools




Merton Schools Sports Partnership Annual Membership

The sports partnership provides outstanding support for schools and runs training and competitions throughout the year.


The extra PE provision in school allows us to enter many competitions. These are cluster events and if the school progress through to Borough level they could win the chance to represent Merton at the London Youth Games at the end of the year.


These competitions ensure increased participation by the children in competitive sports. We have already maintained our Gold Sports Mark for the 5th consecutive year and also secured a Gold in The Sainsbury’s Schools Games again this year.



MSSP Annual membership



Overtime cost for staff to attend tournaments across the year.


Training for young Sports Leaders





Leadership Training for Year 5 pupils

Year 5 children have been trained as ‘Sport’s Leaders’ allowing them to lead sporting activities to KS1 pupils at lunch time.

This has been effective in the older children taking responsibility, showing leadership skills and becoming a role model to the younger children. The young children are also benefitting from this through increased participation in sporting activities and working alongside children rather than always adults.





Provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively




England Hockey Training Course for Teachers






Dance KS1 and KS2





iPad for Enhancing PE and Dance





PE Staff have attended CPD course in hockey to ensure we continue this year focus on this sport.  We aim to continue to include Hockey as a main sport in the curriculum in the years ahead.  We have gained some great knowledge and skills to ensure this.


The other focus this year has been on Dance.  Staff have been on these courses to gain an understanding to teach Dance at both KS1 and KS2 levels.  The Dance curriculum was very well received with the children thoroughly enjoying being able to create their own routines and being creative.  The focus on this has also ensured that PE is able to work with year teachers and to link topics in class with Dance in PE.

A staff member is also booked onto a course which will be a hands on, practical course giving them the opportunity to play and discover the potential IPads can offer PE and Dance.  We are currently looking into better ways in which to measure and record progress in PE and this course will help with this especially as we have purchased new iPads for use in Music and PE.

Having staff attend these ensures they develop broader subject knowledge of PE staff, helping them to plan with a greater understanding of the context of the wider school curriculum and topics being taught.


Training Course Cost







Cost of Courses

£300 plus

Scheme of work





Cost of Course





Re-design of outdoor playground







Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

We are planning on removing the outdoor mushroom chairs and replacing them with outdoor Table tennis tables.  This will also help with lunch time activities run by Lunch Time Supervisors.

When we have sufficient tables we could also include table tennis in the curriculum.


Cost of Equipment

£640 per table x 3

£150 Bats and Balls














Gymnastic Mats







Gymnastics Benches


Balance Bikes

New iPads have been purchased for use in PE to film children’s progress and for us to better record and measure the children’s progress in PE.  We successfully filmed children end of term Dance performances in our in house “Strictly come Dancing Competition” which the children have thoroughly enjoyed watching back.


We need to purchase some new gym mats as the cheerleading after school’s club has become very popular and we currently don’t have enough mats to ensure we are able to accommodate all those interested and on the waiting list.


Some of the wooden benches have unfortunately not passed the recent Health and Safety inspection and so need to be replaced. 

We would like to buy some balance bikes and accessories (racks and covers) for EYFS.  We would be looking to introduce this into the EYFS PE curriculum.  We have found that with the increase in parental time pressures means that children are not learning valuable life skills, and by us having these bikes in school will ensure the transfer from balance bike to bicycle is much easier and quicker. 

Cost of iPads, software and storage








Cost of Mats

£90 x 5





Cost of Benches

£280 x 2


Cost of Balance Bikes

£900 – this is for 10 bikes and a scheme of work

PE Equipment Checks



Health and Safety Audit


An Annual PE Equipment Check has been carried out this academic year.




Additional opportunities.



PE audit in conjunction with St Mary’s University, Twickenham and MSSP.

An external PE review has recently been completed (January 2018)). The audit offers us insight into some improvements to be made to ensure we continue to offer excellent PE provision.

Cost of Audit