Wraparound Care - Breakfast, After School and Holidays

Wraparound care including the breakfast and after school clubs are led by the Governing Body and School senior leadership team and operated by established members of staff who are well known to pupils.

Please Note

You can make or cancel bookings up to midnight preceding the day of the club.

The Parent Pay system will cancel any bookings not paid for by midnight preceding the day of the club.

Bookings cannot be cancelled/refunded on the day of the club so please make sure that you do so before midnight.


Summer Wraparound Club 2019


Booking Instructions


Very few places now left so you can no longer automatically book or cancel sessions through Parent pay. Please email wraparound@st-teresas.merton.sch.uk if you are interested in any of the following places:

Mon 22/07/2019

Tue 23/07/2019

Wed 24/07/2019

Thu 25/07/2019

Fri 26/07/2019

Mon 29/07/2019

Tue 30/07/2019

Wed 31/07/2019

Thu 01/08/2019

Fri 02/08/2019














If you want to make a part-payment, please see the instructions below.

Summer is a long way off but please note the following 

You do not have to pay at once but any bookings you make will be automatically cancelled at midnight preceding a club if you do not have £30 in credit to pay for the next morning's session.

Part-Payment Instructions

Parent Pay will not allow you to part pay for bookings. Two weeks worth of bookings is a lot of money; more so if you have two or more children so we have come up with the following work around. 

Once you have made any bookings you wish in Parent Pay, do the following if you want to make a part payment towards the bookings:

  • Make a payment by bank transfer (minimum £25) to St Teresa's RC Primary School
  • Account number 0080 3163
  • Sort code 30 96 88
  • Add a reference which includes the letters "SWC" and as much of your child's names as you can fit into the reference box, for example "SWCMargaretThacher"
  • Email summerclub@st-teresas.merton.sch.uk to advise the payment is en route - please quote the amount and the reference.
  • Transfers take two to three days to appear in our bank account. They will be credited to Wraparound Summer Club on the day of receipt.

 Summer Club - Emergency bookings

You may book up to midnight preceding a club. Same day bookings are not possible in Parent Pay. In an emergency, please call 07793 048 185 and speak to the club leader who will accommodate you if at all possible.

 Summer Club - Booking Cancellations

You may cancel in Parent Pay up to midnight preceding a booking and no charge will be applied for that club session. Cancellation is a reversal of the booking process above. After midnight preceding a club session, a £30 charge is automatically applied and no refunds will be made for any reason.


Breakfast and After School Clubs

Features of the breakfast and after school clubs include:
Value added before and after school childcare
Bright, modern open plan classroom with ready access to outdoor play
Fun and exciting activities for children from Nursery to Year 6
Staff are fully trained, experienced and DBS checked
Sessions are bookable as and when you need them or you can book for a single day, week up to 100 days in advance
Varied breakfast and afternoon snack menus – please have a look at our web page to see some sample menus
No charge for sessions cancelled by midnight preceding the club.

Varied snack menus - click here to open sample menus in a new window. Last breakfast served at 08:15, fruit will be offered to pupils who arrive after this time.

Download our registration form in Word or PDF if you would like to start using the service and either scan or photograph the completed form and email it to wraparound@st-teresas.merton.sch.uk. It is essential that you strike out the statement denying us access to your child's data so that we can access their data for the purposes of running the clubs.

Once you are registered, you will see that you have access to the service in Parent Pay. Bookings are made in Parent Pay using the following process:

  • When you log in, click on the child icon above your child’s name towards the top left of the screen.
  • Then click on the word "view" in the breakfast club towards the right hand side of the screen
  • Then click on the words "make bookings" towards the bottom of the screen
  • In the next screen, select the right club and the week in which to want to make the booking and click on "Make or view booking".
  • On the next screen click on any days you want to book and click on the "next week" button if you want to see future weeks.
  • Finally, click on "confirm bookings" towards the bottom of the screen.

Operating times and costs:
Family Annual Registration: £22.00
Breakfast Club 7:30 am – 8:50 am £4.25 per session
After-school Club 3:15 pm – 5:45 pm £9.50 per session

Please pay via the School’s Parent Pay account as normal. If you wish to use child care vouchers to pay by direct transfer to our bank account, email wraparound@st-teresas.merton.sch.uk to request details.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Am I charged if my child does not attend a pre-booked session?
A. You may cancel booked sessions in Parent Pay up to midnight before the session. If you do not cancel the session for any reason, including sickness, the charge will stand.

Q. Can I book a session on the day.

A. Yes, either come along to a breakfast session with your child who will be added registered for the session  manually or, for after school sessions, telephone the school and ask for you child to be added to the afternoon session register. Same day bookings are for emergencies only; please do not use this in place of making bookings in the normal way in Parent Pay.