Building Improvements


The school has been on its current site since 1935 when it also doubled as the Church. 

Over the years it has undergone a number of changes including several extensions.  Much of the timber framed building remains original and is subject to a continual programme of planned works to keep it looking neat and tidy.

Our governors business committee works very hard to secure additional external funding and we have been more successful than any other primary school in securing such funding. However, this funding comes with a requirement for the School to contribute 10% of the cost which is £17,000 this year. This 10% contribution could not be met through normal School budgets and we are very grateful for the generous voluntary contributions of £45 (or more occasionally) from the majority of our families without which none of our buildings development programme could be delivered.


This year, we are undertaking the following capital programme:

  • Redecoration of Nursery, Reception and Year 2 classes
  • Installation of a new external door in the School chapel to make it more accessible to parents
  • Replacement of the elderly fire alarm system and wiring
  • Replacement of many classroom doors to modernise and meet the latest fire regulations
  • The overhaul and installation of suspended ceilings in five rooms where ceilings are sagging

In the financial year ended 31 March 2016, we made the following improvements to various learning environments throughout the school;

  • Renewed the ceilings and fully decorated the corridors from the main hall to Nursery and Year 6
  • Overhauled and lagged the boiler plant room and replaced the obsolete water heating calorifiers
  • Installed iron railings around the low roof on the boiler room and adjacent alcoves
  • Renewed the sub-floor and covering in the Reception toilets
  • Installing new lockers and new carpets in all classrooms.

The following notable improvements were made previously:

  • Redecorated the main hall circulation corridors and installed new carpets
  • Redecorated years two to five classrooms
  • Installed new lockers for years two to six pupils
  • Redecorated and furnish years two to six classrooms
  • Installed external fire exits in classroom
  • Installed new decking including a shelter outside each classroom
  • Upgraded classroom computers.
  • Created a dedicated ICT suite
  • Refurbished the main hall including new sound and lighting and a folding door.
  • Extensive playground development.
  • Upgrading fire doors in the hall and surrounding rooms.
  • Refurbished heating system.
  • The creation of a new Library.
  • The creation of a new Chapel.
  • The creation of a Music and Drama studio.
  • Resurfacing of paths.
  • Improved perimeter fencing and gates on the field and around the school.
  • Landscaping at the front of school.
  • Refurbishment of all toilets in school.
  • Redecoration of Year 6 classrooms.